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Painting Your Solon House? Check Your Drywall First!

Painting Your Solon House? Check Your Drywall First!

Just like how we have to go to the doctor every once in a while, our Solon houses also have to go under repair every so often. From small touch ups to large scale renovations, there are a slew of things that can be done to make your house comfortable to live in and always seem to be brand new. One of the things you could look into is having Solon drywall repairs done. Walls are one of the parts of a house that gets the most beating but doesn’t get much attention. Although drywall is a pretty strong material, it can suffer from several types of damage that may be cause for repair.


Superficial scratches are one of the most commonplace causes for Solon drywall repairs. Homeowners with small children or people who move large furniture around are most likely to encounter this problem. Scratches may be as shallow as the paint layer or go on deeper to the paper layer of the sheet. This problem is remedied by having the damaged area covered with joint compound and having it sanded before getting a new paint job.

Surface bruises

This type of wall damage is something in between a scratch and a hole. Surface bruises are carved out parts of the wall that are deeper than superficial scratches but do not go all the way through the board. Unlike in repairing scratches, a fiber glass mesh is needed in combination with the joint compound to effectively repair the drywall. Instead of just one, two applications are necessary to even out the surface and make sure that it does not worsen into a hole. After drying, sanding and priming is done before it is painted.


Another common cause for Solon drywall repairs would be the presence of holes. Smaller holes created by nails or other objects can be repaired in the same way as scratches. Medium-sized holes require the use of metal plates or aluminium plates to support the damaged area of the wall before it is smoothed over with a joint compound, sanded, primed, and painted.

Water damage

The worst type of damage would be that caused by water or flooding. The best way to repair this is to have the damaged boards cut out and have new ones reinstalled. Horizontal installation of drywall is commonly used for this type of repair because it is easier to make the wall even and avoid distortion. Your Solon painting contractor can advise you as to how extensive the repairs may be before you are able to paint.