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Commercial Painting Tips From Grand Rapids Pro Painters

Commercial Painting Tips From Grand Rapids Pro Painters

Your business image is important when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. And part of your image involves the physical look of your property. A shop or restaurant that’s sporting chipped, peeling paint on the exterior or a drab interior paint design is likely to turn away potential customers before they even get to the services and products you offer.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference a fresh coat of paint can have on the overall look and feel of your commercial property when applied correctly. Commercial painting is a lot different than house painting. Every detail of the paint job from the colors you choose to the last little brush stroke will be strongly scrutinized by others. Here are some commercial painting tips to keep in mind from our pro Grand Rapids painters at Speese Painting Co., LLC.

Choosing Colors For Commercial Painting – Setting The Atmosphere

Branding considerations, marketing decisions and how it affects the buying habits of the consumer should be, of course, taken into account when choosing commercial paint colors. In reality, the comfort level and interests of the customer and company staff do not have to clash, especially in today’s evolving marketplace.

Productivity can mean different things to different people so if images of workers moving at a blazing speed across the workshop floor is what you have in mind, color is not going to do that for any production facility and it really shouldn’t. Creating a comfortable work space for employees by using color as a tool is a more realistic expectation. Think about colors that invigorate if productivity matters to your business. While invigorating colors are perfect for the workshop, they are not right for a day spa where relaxation is key.

Also, the existing lighting situation, artificial or natural, is a strong consideration. If there are bright lights, a more soothing color may be in order. You can tone it down with some black, brown, or gray and other colors that can absorb the light a little. Bright lights with a highly reflective light color are only right for certain commercial settings.

Another factor is the current color of other elements such as carpets, window coverings or furniture. Taking into account the above as well as the proven influence of certain colors, a comfortable space can be created for employees. It is safe to assume that comfortable and happy employees will always be more productive. So it makes sense to invest in the services of a professional commercial painting contractor.

Sometimes the workplace is also shared with customers, for example in retail stores or a hospitality business. In that case, the customers comfort level has to be balanced with that of the employees. Color sets the mood for the environment, so be careful that what you choose will evoke the type of ambiance needed.

Where To Find The Best Commercial Painters In Grand Rapids

People love a good atmosphere. Cater to your clientele and employees by offering them an excellent atmosphere with crisp, high-quality finishes with the interior painting services provided by our Grand Rapids commercial painters at Speese Painting Co., LLC. We offer a wide selection of colors using top quality commercial paints that not only ensure long lasting results but a beautiful finish right from the start.

Our commercial painting contractors work diligently to meet the time requirements of our clients, providing efficiently finished interior and exterior painting solutions that never lack in quality. We know how important it is for some businesses to stay open at certain times, and take care not to cause any delay in your typical business operations. We’ll work around your schedule to deliver the high-quality painting services your business needs.

From office painting touch ups to complete interior and exterior painting projects for large buildings, Hemlock Painting Co. is the Vancouver commercial painter you can trust to get the job done. Don’t put your business in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced and reputable. Whether you choose us or not, take care to ensure that the interior and exterior of your property look its best with professional commercial painting services and the results will be amazing!