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Affordable Grand Rapids Room Makeovers

Affordable Grand Rapids Room Makeovers

Many of us are on a pretty tight budget these days. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to bring new life to some old rooms in our homes! Fortunately, remodeling a room doesn’t need to be an all-out construction and design project. There are affordable ways to make your Grand Rapids home look and feel brand new. And since it’s our specialty, we’d like to suggest a fresh coast of paint to take care of the job!

With a little creativity and some preliminary knowledge of “faux” painting techniques, you can create a brand new atmosphere in any room in your home. Without spending much money at all, you’ll have a complete renovation on your home.

What is “faux” painting?

Faux painting is a simple concept. There are infinite ways to apply paint to any surface. Using different tools and methods, you can create completely different looks with your paint. Learn a few simple techniques, then let your imagination run wild. There are faux painting techniques that will make your walls look like wood, marble, stucco, or stone. The possibilities are endless.

Using stencils, sponges, or other affordable items, you can do a lot of creative things to your walls. Try out a few simple techniques, then work on ideas of your own to create a space that’s uniquely you.

Ideas & Techniques

One of the best ways to faux paint is use a mottled or spotted effect to create the illusion of aged plaster or stucco. It can be difficult to achieve a very realistic effect, but with work and practice, it can be done!

If you want to start smaller, there are lots of ways to spruce up the place without being an artist. Stencils, geometric designs, and simple patterns can be created with just a few simple tools and no artistic training. Simplicity can actually create a minimalist looking design that will appear to be professional. If you’re doing a boy’s room, for example, painting the walls blue and then going around with two simple cut-outs of their favorite animals (or any other theme you like!) to create a border. You can cut out a stencil, or cut sponges into the shapes and use them to press on the paint. As long as you keep it simple, it’ll look professionally done.

With a bit more skill you can create effects to make the paint look like wood grain, marble, granite, or anything else you can think of! Make your walls look new and modern or aged and crackled. Use a rag, dry brush, or paper bag. There are several inexpensive household items that can help you achieve nearly any effect.

Lots of local adult education centers or home improvement stores will have classes about these techniques, so you can get better over time. Or you can pick up a book on the subject and teach yourself. Whatever the case, you’re looking at great results with minimal expenses and energy.