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3 Simple Tips To Ensure Your Deck Is Prepared For Summer

3-simple-tips-to-ensure-your-deck-is-prepared-for-summerWith summer just a few short weeks away, most of us are already feeling the heat, but it isn’t too late just yet to invest in the quality services you need to ensure that the various parts of your home have what they need to ride out the coming summer season and come out the other side still looking and performing their best. The summer heat and turbulent weather can have a serious impact on a number of different areas of your home, and your deck is one of those areas that is going to deal with the brunt of the punishment. Between the overbearing summer sun, the heat, and the pounding rain that we get from time to time, your deck takes quite a beating over the summer months, and if you haven’t taken the time to properly prepare it for what’s ahead, you could be ruining your investment. To help ensure that your home’s deck has the kind of care it needs to ride out the coming summer season, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list detailing a few helpful tips you can follow to ensure your deck is properly prepared for what lies ahead.

Get It Washed

One of the best ways to start preparing your deck for summer is to ensure that it gets a good wash. Hiring a professional to come out and give your deck a good power washing will help to remove those stubborn surface stains and any lingering debris that might be hanging around. This washing process will also give you a good opportunity to thoroughly go over your deck and look out for any loose nails or screws that you can secure back in place. While it is possible to go out and rent a power washer and perform this cleaning yourself, it is important to ensure the pressure of the water is too high, otherwise you could actually end up damaging the surface of your wood. For this reason, we usually recommend that you leave the power washing to the professionals.

Get It Refinished

If it has been a while since your deck received any serious care, and isn’t exactly looking its best anymore, there is no need to fear. Getting your deck refinished can provide you with everything you need to get your deck looking its best again and extend its lifespan. If the surface of your wooden deck has become worn over the years, having a team of professionals come in and sand everything back down smooth can drastically improve the look of your deck’s wood, as well as prepare your deck to receive any new stain that you might be preparing to apply.

Stain It

Applying a new stain to your deck’s surface is something that you need to do every so often, and there is no better time for than right now before summer begins in earnest. Staining your deck will not only help to make it look like new again, but it can also add years to its lifespan by helping to provide your deck with an additional layer of protection against moisture and any other contaminants that might hope to penetrate the surface of your wood and weaken it over time.

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